The early 1980’s: nuclear warheads, the cold war, the nuclear age with its power of creation and  its power of  destruction, the fear of the whole lot going up.  A generation of mutants come up through the underground culture, dangerous, contaminated, out of this world or maybe too caught up in it.


In the summer of ’82, out of this generation Fabio Scipioni and Fausto Colasanti formed the group WARHEAD, the first Thrash-Hardcore Punk band in Umbria.  And their Crossover sound baptised the trend which gave rise to the international notoriety of D.R.I., G.B.H., S.O.D., C.O.C. and others.


So the band from back woods began with a demo-tape, “In Rock We Trust (Green tape - jan. ’83). Concerts  in  a series of  converted  theatres  and  squatted warehouses of  central Italy  were  the experiences behind cutting their first record, the mini-LP “The Black Radio” (warhead-1986), the 45rp “X-Mas Bop” (Warhead/Mosca rec.-1987) with a flip-side cover of Irving Berlin “White Christmas” featuring guitarist/pianist Paul Chain. The last of  80’s was “One More Time In Jail” (Warhead/Mosca rec. - 1989).  All  were  under  the  distribution  of  Toast  records  in Turin.


The boom period of concerts from ’87 to ’90 took the group all over Italy, gave the band a good live reputation, making themselves heard enough  to end up  in the “Encyclopaedia of  Rock in Italy”  (Arcana - Milan) published for the 1980’s.


In’91 warhead began gathering previously unreleased material from studio and live performances for their end-of-decade project. Meanwhile  Moonshiner, its psychedelic off-shoot produced the demo-tape “Outlaw Rider” (warhead - 1991). The following year brought “Happy and Freak on the Moon” with some of Pescara’s ex-Vegetable Men, which featured in “Punto Zero” Vol. VII

(Toast  records - 1992).


In 1993 warhead releases “Ten Years on the Road” for the clubs, signalling their return to the circuit with a new rhythm section, and musically led on from where Moonshiner left off. They were now truly in mainstream psychedelic Hard Rock.


In 1995 Florence’s independent label, Flowers of Grain, produced “Punk Territory” Vol. IV (Flowers of grain - 1995) including two warhead numbers first released in ’83.


At the end of that year Kevin Throath (ex-Revenge) joined the group and with  Valter Vincenti on bass and Walter Sacripanti on drums, warhead began recording “Sand’son” (New LM - 1998) at Paul Chain’s Day records studio. A supernatural concentration of magic, energy and power which Chain, technical guru and production genius, recorded in analogue with techniques used to record in the 70’s and perfected at Day records. Chain also contributed as musician in three great guitar solos.


Warhead matures artistically and spiritually and with the recording quality of Day records, has reached a quality to compete in the international market where Hard Rock has an ever increasing popularity. The album attracted a great deal of attention, positive feedback and a lot of rave press reviews from everywhere in the world.


In 2001 Kevin Throath  and Fausto Colasanti decided to leave the band. The three others decided to continue as a four-piece, looking for a cool new vocalist. So they decided to hold auditions, but just couldn't seem to find the right person for the job.


It was very hard to find an original voice, but in the end, they were very happy to discover the young talent of vocalist Narayana Minozzi who joined the group in the summer of 2002. A month later warhead started to write new songs.


In 2003 the band started to record the new album. Drums and bass were recorded at “Splash studio”, guitars and some voices at “Kailash studio”, other voices and mixing at “La cucina studio”.


In 2004 it was mastered at “Bic studio” and sent to the main labels in the  world, in order to find the right producer. Waiting for a feedback about submission, the band keep on playing around and writing new songs.


In 2006 it was re-mastered by Stefano Lucato at “Bic studio”  and finally  tracked down by Beard of  Stars records, and will be out in the early months of 2007.



Sky Fab (Beard of Stars - 2007):  the leftovers of the nuclear stockpiles are sold on the black market, terrorism against terrorism, “Enduring Freedom” and enduring war, people are put to death in the name of God, peace in the name of the military, violations of human rights, television preachers and lawmakers operating under outdated morals, global warming, and the earth succumbs to multinationals.                   

Please, listen to this. Let  the album speak for itself.