“The Warhead are back. The nearly twenty years italian band from Umbria has developed the hard-psychedelic matrix of their music from their former thrash-hardcore-punk style, and the evolution is clear and positive! Behind the Warhead project there are two great guitar players (Fabio Scipioni and Fausto Colasanti) with the support of the really good singer Kevin Throath (ex-Revenge) and Valter Vincenti and Walter Sacripanti as rhytmic section. The excellent “Sand’son”, produced by doom metal legend Paul Chain that is also author of frightening solos in three songs, is moving near the Wino’s Spirit Caravan style and this two band aren’t quite remote, qualitatively  speaking. The CD developes itself in an engaging and really original manner….”Foolkiller”, the classic doom of “Fire from Within”, the more quiet “I Lose Control” and “S. and S.O.N.” surely are the best tracks.

A  combo really mature….if they will not reach the success they deserve, the reason will be find in the fact that they don’t come from the States”.

Davide Pansolin – Vincebus Eruptum nr. 0



“….Shooting Stars is one of those tracks that is fairly straight ahead rock and is a good opener for the CD while the Downwinders takes on a more off beat feel but it still flows nicely and has a good long intro. Foolkiller is classic rock and is probably a little of place in this mix of songs but they come roaring back with track four Fire From Within which is a slower groove kind of affair. I Lose Control is next and this is a very cool mellow-ish kind of a track reminding me a little of the Melvins before it shifts up a gear and Keep Inside kicks in with a powerful thump. Black Out In Cell Block 10 follows and is probably the most metal orientated track on here before they close this nine track effort with S.And S.O.N. which is an interesting track that has total change in the middle of it. This nine track release is fairly diverse with the stand out tracks for me being I Loose Control and the closing track, this is a fine effort and worth of some attention”.

Jeb - High Beam



“….under the desert sun and eschewing rattlesnakes, the Warhead have brought out a record worth of great attention, a record that can boast the doom-guru Paul Chain as productor and special guest…..”

Alex Ventriglia – Metal Hammer nr. 8/’98



“….and here at GL Productions the album has spinned quite a few times on my CD player. The album covers a lot of ground very much emotions to it. Great vocals and Paul Chains production is a great help and it brings a lot of great things out of the band. A highly recommended album…….”

Gabriel Lilliehook – GL Productions



“….Mmmhhhhhh……musically it’s very good. A good singer, good production and great musicians….but unfortunately not my favorite style….sorry guys! It’s a mix between Solitude Aeturnus, Power Metal, Doom Metal (and I know, that they mustn’t hide behind the big bands in that scene!). From an other reviewer they would get a better review forsure. Really worth mentioning is the guitar player (cool solo-stuff) and the vocalist. Both did an excellent job! Good band and if you like that style…..get in touch!”

Jochen – Daredevil 



“….The point is that the band plays good music. It is hard enough and it can take you away and away with a magical way. The electric travel has just began and it has 9 stations so many as the traks of this great CD. The guitar riffs will remind you good old Black Sabbath days. The vocal are clean and melodic and the production done by the studio wizard Paul Chain, helps the songs to “breathe”. Well do not miss this release it is worth listening”.

Count Raven – Nodzine  



“….nobody creates music as deep and soulful as italians, regardless of the genre. This record is a great ride through hard rock, doom, psychedelia and a full range of emotions. Thoroughly original and highly enjoyable”.

Lou Rinaldi –



“….The nine songs are very melodic and there are some interesting changes inside the whole album. Some songs have strong Power-Metal elements while others are move in the 70’s Heavy-Rock vein. There are slow hypnotic moments and I think that all people who are in Black Sabbath, Solitude Aeturnus, Trouble, Count Raven, etc. will like this Disc…….”

Klaus Kleinowski – Cosmic Lava



“….Sand’son is a work that can be included for sure in the boom of the stoner-rock scene; it’s a psych-hard-doom mixture not wearing itself out in the imitation of the most plagiarized authorities in the field. Kevin Throath shows his high-sounding and hieratic voice and songs as “Shooting Stars” and “In Mission for God” give a good example of the quintet’s kind of style. The Paul Chain’s solos in “The Downwinders” and “Keep Inside” are so charatheristic that have no need to be remarked in the back cover to be recognized. The greatest ambitions are in the title track that increases the band’s individuality, devoted to grow ulteriorly in times to come”.

Beppe Riva – Rockerilla nr. 215/216



“….between the mists of the past and the enigmas of the future, the Warhead’s new release seems ageless….it looks apparently like the old Sant Vitus school, but there’s a timeless menacing sensation that makes the listener paralyzed and dumbfounded……”

Gianluca Iosca – Metal Shock nr. 277



“ …. a gloomyand powreful riff opens the initial “Shootin’ stars”, granitic and aggressive, followed by a handfulof abrasive and very heavy tracks like “The Downwinders”, “Foolkiller”, “Fire from Within” and expecially this last, osessing endless, stunning, sensous and dreading, “rooks” the listener with his tribute to the Sabbath…..”

Marco Petti – Flash nr. 114



“….they have developed the project of a large nuclear warhead wedged in the numb conscience of the Country that, if will be of no use to take the adjusted “shitstem” off the hinges, at least will melt the thiny lights of some damned Christmas tree. It’s the philosophy of the old Led Zep put into the service of the “all for one” punk……..”

Alessandro ”The Raven” Bolli – Music Club nr. 76



“….cadenced rhythmics and gloomy riffs pull the leg of each excerpt, with vocal interpretation of great value and an exact and powerful rhytmic acconpanies every passage, without the least flaw…….”

Gianni Della Cioppa – Pshyco nr. 19



“….nine red-hot tracks full of psychedelic Hard Rock, a little old style, so effective that could be easly placed between the thypical 70’s Hard Rock and the dusty and bluesy Stoner Rock of Kyuss, without making a sorry figure……..”

Box – Equilibrio Precario nr. 4



“….the group has oriented itself towards a brilliant hard rock with epic tones and esoteric tendencies. In total, nine episodes with a very carefully developed technique that reveal anyway a remarkable impact immediacy, even if not pursuing captivating solutions. It is a research of refined armonies whose expressiveness aims at being both cerebral and physical……..”

Federico Guglielmi – Mucchio Selvaggio nr. 313



“….Sand’son is composed by 9 songs that vaguely remember of Alice in Chains, in the arrangements and vocal melodies in particular. Even if dark, “Shooting Stars” goes on groovy rhytms, while on the next track, “The Downwinders” the step becomes doomy but open to melody however. Very good the last two tracks “Black-out in Cell Block 10” and “S. and S.O.N.”, full of Sabbathian magma that let it be understood the probably future evolution, but in “Keep Inside”, my favourite one, Paul Chain played an awesome solo that just for it the CD is worthy of buying".

Marco Cavallini – Gardenia nr. 2



“….the artistic production of the doom-guru Paul Chain, special guest in four tracks, gives to “sand’son” a really hard and powerfull sound that makes the CD very cool for the Stoner Rock and Hard-Psych fans……..”

Fabrizio Panarese – Rocksound nr. 9